Waterproof iPod Shuffle

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Swim With Music

The Waterproof iPod Shuffle is a sworn necessity for swimmers and active individuals alike. Sleek, light-weight, and fully waterproof it has all the features one would need for music listening beneath the waves. With its easy functionality and 2GB of storage it is a great enhancement to any workout.

Contents Includes

In addition to your Waterproof iPod and headphone selection, every purchase comes with an iPod Manual, iPod USB/charge cable, headphone extension, headphone specific earbuds, Swimbuds headphones instructions, FitGoo tube (Not with Swimbuds Sport/HydroActive bundle), and AquaGuard sample.

100% Waterproof

IPX8 water-sealed, completely submergible, indefinitely, up to 10 feet. Wonderfully suited for swimming, paddle boarding, surfing, and any activity where water is concerned.

Full Access to the Underwater Audio Collection

Access bike, run and swim workouts guided by Professional Thriathete Michael Poole, and more produced by Underwater Audio.

The iPod Shuffle, Now Waterproof

Underwater Audio's patented waterproofing process makes the iPod Shuffle you know and love, into the Waterproof iPod Shuffle you can use in any environment and all weather conditions!

Love! Love! Love!

"Oh my gosh, this has totally revamped my swimming routine! I have no idea what I did before swimming without my shuffle. I love how lightweight it is so I don't feel like I'm swimming with a heavy device. I was recommended the Swimbuds Sport Headphones and I'm glad I chose those ones, they're really comfortable in my ears with the soft earbud tips. It's hard to find comfortable headphones for regular listening, but I love my headphones so much I use them even when I'm not in the water. 10/10 would recommend."

- Hannah J.

July 4th, 2019

Best Investment Ever

"I purchased the iPod shuffle along with Swimbuds. My lap count easily doubled as music can be a highly motivating influence during exercise. I have transitioned from music to audio books (via Audible.com). I recently retired and make a goal of swimming at least 2500 yards/day. I've shed a 15 pounds and getting back in shape. Thank you Underwater Audio! This was a great investment in my health"

- Mark H.

June 23rd, 2019

Great company, great product

"I have been a customer for years, so I can say with certainty that Underwater Audio backs up their products. The iPod shuffle is excellent, operating with good regularity in a very difficult environment. I listen usually to podcasts, but music works fine too. The iPod shuffle lasts generally for several years; very robust. I have stuck with Underwater Audio because of their excellent service and advice, and wouldn't consider another company."

- David M.

February 26th, 2019