Swimbuds Fit Waterproof Headphones
Swimbuds Fit Waterproof Headphones Swimbuds Fit Waterproof Headphones Swimbuds Fit Waterproof Headphones Swimbuds Fit Waterproof Headphones
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Swimbuds Fit Waterproof Headphones

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Bends to Your Individual Needs

Memory wire and headphones are an obvious match. Add the functionality of being completely waterproof and there's nothing stopping you from enjoying a great swim, run, wave, or other adventure.

Favorite Features

  • Our innovative design features memory wire over the ear AND memory wire to hold the earbud tip in place. No matter what shape your ear may be, Swimbuds Fit will let you find the right angle and keep it.
  • Long cords are a swimmer's nightmare. The Fit headphones come with a short, 17-inch cord which, when plugged into a music player attached to goggles or a swim cap, reduces drag and increases security. A 3.25-foot extension cord is also provided.
  • Designed to withstand depths of up to 3 meters*, for as long as you care to keep them under water. These headphones exceed the IPX8 waterproof standard.
  • Swimbuds Fit come with no cardboard packaging! Our reusable case means less waste, less frustration, and less time involved in unwrapping your new headphones and getting them into the water.
  • The gold-plated standard 3.5mm jack is compatible with iPods and most other music players.


Tree earbuds go deep into the ear canal to provide a firm watertight seal. They block out sound completely and are perfect for swimming laps in noisy public pools. With 3 different sizes, these earbuds work best for most swimmers.

What you get:

  • One pair of Waterproof Short Cord Fit Headphones
  • 1 FREE 3.25 foot Waterproof Audio Extension Cord (black)
  • 3 sizes of tree earbud tips
  • 1 Fit Headphones case

* For safety reasons, these and all underwater earphones that create a tight seal should not be used below 10 feet.

This purchase does not include an Underwater Audio waterproof iPod.


Swimbuds Fit headphones are covered by a 1-year warranty against manufacturer's defects. For more information, visit our warranty page.

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