Seal 2.0 Swim Mask
Seal 2.0 Swim Mask
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Seal 2.0 Swim Mask

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What you get: One Seal 2.0 swim mask by Aqua Sphere (Clear Lens/Transparent) It’s not often we say “wow” but, “WOW!” This Seal 2.0 swim mask by Aqua Sphere is our new favorite gear. The clear, 180 degree is view is a winner and the comfort? Well, we will no longer use anything else. We are offering this Aqua Sphere Seal swim mask for a limited time;  let us know if you think it should become a permanent offering! Underwater Audio also offers the Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggles, which look a lot sleeker, and provide a different fit that some of our customers prefer.
  • High-quality swimming mask with easy-to-adjust buckles
  • Dive-quality silicone skirt provides comfortable, watertight fit
  • Curved lens provides 180-degree, distortion-free peripheral vision
  • Protected by anti-scratch exterior and anti-fog interior coatings
  • Available with clear lens; blocks 100 percent of UV rays
The best-fitting swim goggle on the market, the Seal 2.0 swim mask was first celebrated by Ironman triathletes, who praised its comfortable, watertight fit and easy-to-adjust buckles. However, these high-quality features soon became apparent to fitness and recreational swimmers as well, who use the goggles for swimming, jet skiing, surfing, and more. Add the features together and you have a swimming mask that lets you concentrate on your workout and not your equipment.