Troubleshooting iPod Shuffle: Battery Issues


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Please try the following steps. They may help you solve the problem so you can continue using your iPod without having to wait for a replacement.

If the iPod won’t turn on, but iTunes/the computer will recognize it, then check the battery life symbol on iTunes:


If the battery shows anything but empty, then the iPod SHOULD still be turning on. The battery is not dead. This most often occurs due to another very fixable issue. If this is the case, please click here. Otherwise, continue with the following steps:


How long do you charge your iPod?

  • Never more than 3 hours: Move on to next step.
  • Overnight, at least once: charging the iPod more than 3 hours may cause serious damage to its small battery.
    • Limiting your charging time to 3 hours is a simple way to make your replacement last longer.
    • Restart your computer by turning it off and back on again. Computers generally do not charge devices while in sleep mode, and a reset can help ensure the computer is on and ready to troubleshoot.


    • Try a different port on your computer. If the jack is clear but the Shuffle won’t sync, try using a different port to sync or charge. For example, if you are using a desktop, try one of the USB ports in the back.


    • Check the headphone jack for debris.  If the iPod’s light still turns on but it won’t sync or play, use a toothpick to gently remove any debris from the headphone jack. Debris in the headphone jack (lint, etc.) will prevent a connection between the iPod and the headphones or charger cable.


    • Make sure the USB cable has completely entered the iPod. The white plastic ring on the USB cord should come into direct contact with the iPod. This may require a small amount of force.


  • Check your cord set up. If you use an extension cord make sure it is capable of carrying a charge. try taking off the extension cord to charge from the USB cable alone. Note: our headphone extension cord will not work to charge your iPod.
  • Restore your iPod using iTunes if your computer still recognizes it. Do this on iTunes by clicking the “restore” button on the iPod iTunes page. NOTE: this will restore your iPod to it’s factory settings and any songs on the iPod will need to be reloaded to the iPod afterward. Try charging again after the restore. Try our guide, or, here is a link to the step-by-step restore process from Apple:
  • Try charging while your computer is on and not in “sleep” mode. Note: It can take a full minute before the light comes on when the battery is drained. Turn the iPod on and wait for a minute to see if the light comes on. Charge the iPod if this is the case. With your computer fully on and active, plug in your iPod and wait for a minute to see if the light comes on. If it does, leave plugged in with the computer “awake” for up to 3 hours to fully charge it.


Please note that we have no hidden care instructions that void your warranty, but following the below tips will ensure that you get the most possible battery life from your iPod:

  • After each swim, unplug the headphones and rinse the iPod and its headphone jack under some fresh water. This will help get any chlorine or salt off.
  • If you are charging from the wall, make sure you are using a surge-protected outlet.
  • Serious temperature changes can cause the iPod to fail. We don’t recommend leaving the iPod in your car for extended periods, as this can expose it to extreme hot or cold.
  • If charging from a laptop, it is best to charge from your laptop’s high-power USB port. Also, don’t let your laptop go to sleep mode while charging, as this can cause the USB ports to stop putting out as much power.
  • If charging from a desktop, it is best to charge from the USB ports on the back, as they charge the iPod faster and more smoothly.
  • Only charge the iPod AS-NEEDED. The little shuffle’s lithium ion batteries generally charge in two to three hours, leaving them to charge overnight or for extended periods can seriously damage the battery.
  • Here is a link to Apple’s website with battery care instructions to maximize the life of the iPod:


If you’ve gone through the steps listed above without success or are having trouble with a step, our customer service representatives will be happy to help you. If you have your Order ID number and the answers to the following questions ready, the process will go much more quickly:

  • Does the iPod turn on or respond at all when not plugged in? If so, what are its specific symptoms?
  • What color light, if any, is displayed when you connect it to your computer? Is the light steady or blinking?
  • Are any “Error” or “Warning” messages displayed by your computer or iTunes?
  • Does the iPod show up as connected in iTunes and/or the Computer?
  • Are you able to restore the iPod in iTunes or otherwise change its settings?
  • How often do you charge the iPod?
  • How long do you usually leave the iPod connected to the power source each time you charge it?