Troubleshooting Headphones: Swimbuds Sport


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Getting a good fit can improve comfort, keep water out more effectively, make the headphones more secure, and also provide better sound quality.


The Swimbuds Sports were designed to function like earplugs to keep your ear free of the water that would distort and muffle the sound.

We recommend the tree earbuds, the ones that came on the Swimbuds Sport headphones as the default pair.

Tree Waterproof Earbuds

Tree Waterproof Earbuds

Insert them like you would a pair of earplugs. To do this, if you were to insert into the right ear, use your left hand and reach over your head and grab the top of your right ear. Gently pull toward the ceiling. This will open up the ear canal so that you can directly insert the earbud. When it is in let go of your ear with your left hand. This allows the ear canal to close over the ear bud and keep a good fit and sound.

Make sure you are using the correct size of earbuds. There are also four different styles of earbuds that come with the headphones; try switching out between the four to find out which one works best for you.


This video shows how to use and insert each of the four different types of buds that come with the Swimbuds Sport Headphones. Although it can be a bit tricky to put in the buds, it is definitely worth making sure you find the proper fit for you.


Swimbuds Sport headphones are in fact superior to our previous Swimbuds in their durability, number of earbud options, and speaker quality.

We know that everyone’s ear canals are different. As such, we understand that any earbuds will vary in their effectiveness across the board, especially when it comes to getting a waterproof seal. We designed Swimbuds Sport with this in mind.

We guarantee that our customers will find at least one of the earbud types that works for them, which is difficult to achieve with the limited options of other headphones.

If you have more questions after watching the video, please let us know and we will be more than happy to help you secure a proper fit.


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