Troubleshooting Guide

This is my first iPod. I have questions regarding how to use iTunes or my new Shuffle.
We are happy to provide support for any waterproofing issues, but we suggest you contact Apple directly for concerns about iTunes or iPod operation. They have an excellent online support system:
Phone: 1-800-275-2273

Where can I find an instruction book?
You can find Apple’s iPod Shuffle manual (generations 4 and 5) here:

Where can I download audiobooks?
One good service is, which is connected to Amazon. iTunes also sells audiobooks. Sometimes there are free samples on these sites. You may also be able to get books on CD from your local library. Please note that the Shuffle and iTunes won’t allow you to use licensed content without a certificate. If the book is protected, you may not have rights to copy and listen to it.

My new Shuffle will not sync with iTunes.
The 4th Generation Shuffle requires iTunes version 10.5 or higher. Please update your version of iTunes or contact Apple Support if your iTunes is up-to-date.  If you have an older operating system, the newest version of iTunes might not be available to you.

I just got my Shuffle and it won’t download any of my songs from iTunes. What’s going on?
There are a few things you can try:
• If the small USB cable is not inserted entirely into the headphone port or if there is any debris in the hole, it will not connect properly. The four silver connectors should be visible and clear when you look in the port. Any debris can and should be removed gently with a toothpick.
• The 4th Generation Shuffle has a Pause Lock feature. If Pause Lock is stuck on, it could result in the problem you are describing. To deactivate it, turn the Shuffle on and then hold the Play/Pause button down for three seconds.
• You may need to update the latest version of iTunes. The Shuffle requires version 10.5 or higher.
• If none of these work, it is also possible that your USB cable is broken out of the box. Please contact us for a replacement.

The buttons on my new Shuffle are stiff or do not work.
There are a few things that could be causing this issue:
• The iPod Shuffle has a Pause Lock feature. When the Shuffle is in Pause Lock, it will not respond to any button pushes. This is useful when you don’t want accidental button pushes to change the settings. Pause Lock is activated by holding the Play/Pause button down for three seconds, or until the green light near the headphone port turns orange. To deactivate Pause Lock, hold the Play/Pause button down for three seconds, or until the light turns back to green.
• Stiff buttons are normal after waterproofing, but time and repeated usage will help the buttons work better. Pressing too hard on the Play/Pause button may cause it to become stuck. Experiment with pressing firmness—you shouldn’t have to press very hard to get the Shuffle to respond. If the Play/Pause button is stuck, try alternately pressing the Fast Forward and Rewind buttons several times, as this will unstick the button.

My Shuffle shuts down after playing for 10 seconds.
You may have debris between your headphones and the Shuffle connection. The Shuffle will automatically turn off if it doesn’t have a full connection. Look carefully in the headphone port and gently remove any material with a toothpick. Cleaning out the port should resolve the issue. Charge your Shuffle for 3-4 hours and try it again the next day.