Below you can find specialized help for each of our products which help explain how to care for and resolve any issues you may be experiencing with your product. Each troubleshooting page includes How to Wear directions, general care of the product, usage instruction, and common troubleshooting answers and tips.

If you still need help, please contact our customer service team.

Underwater Audio Costumer Service
Phone: 1-877-849-0750

Information for all waterproofed iPods, their functions, common issues and iTunes help.

Solutions to common Delphin issues as well as directions to restore, reset, and common application information.

Help for frequent Syryn problems and instructions for LED light indicators as well as charging help and downloading music.

Information to assist in troubleshooting the Uku's functions as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

General care tips and wearing guides for all of Underwater Audio's Swimbuds Headphones.

Smart headphone support which includes the Swimbuds MP3 Player and Swimbuds Bluetooth.

Information to assist in troubleshooting Apple Music/iTunes for your waterproofed iPod Shuffles from Underwater Audio.

The Underwater Audio Music Manager application is made for our costumers to sort and download music to their players.

Delphin support apps include the Delphin Remote Connect, Lap Tracking and the Delphin Help App.