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iPod Return for Replacement (US)

If you have tried the troubleshooting steps and tips without success, we are happy to replace your Underwater Audio product if you are within our warranty.

Steps for Replacement Product(s):

  1. Keep your functioning player/headphones.We only ask you to return the product(s) with issues.
  2. Package your return.We recommend a small padded envelope or box.Do not use a plain envelope, this may lead to your product being lost.
  3. Address your return. Use our business address; listed below. Please include a return/shipping address for a replacement product to be sent to.

    Underwater Audio
    Attn: Returns
    215 SW 4th St.
    Suite 210
    Corvallis, OR 97333

  4. Ship your return. We recommend the United States Postal Service First Class Mail with Delivery Confirmation. It is the least expensive option and still secure and reliable. We do not recommend using an expensive shipping method.
  5. Collect your tracking number.Be sure to collect your tracking number. You will need it to submit your return form.
  6. Complete our return form.Submit your tracking number and the address to which you would like us to ship your replacement using the form below. As soon as you have shipped your return and completed the following form and we will be able to ship your replacement.

    Note: If we do not receive a valid tracking number we wait until we receive your package in our office before sending any replacements.