Free Audio Tracks Instructions

Ordering, Downloading, and Playing Audio Tracks

Just get your coupon for the Swim Work Out with Rebecca Soni? Discover how to listen to music underwater.

Here is a step-by-step process for how to order, download and play the swim work out audio tracks on waterproof iPods from Underwater Audio.


The Swim Work Out Audio Tracks are a product that allows you to download the file directly to your computer. However, to access this download, you need to place the item into your shopping cart and go through the check out process.  For those who received the product for free, you use the coupon code for a discount during the check out process, but you still need to complete the process.


Go to the catalog page for the audio tracks and click the Add to Cart button, then click the Check Out button on the cart page.




On the checkout page, input your email address and other information.  Make sure to use your coupon code!

Don't worry, the coupon code will reduce the price to $0, and you won't need to input any shipping or payment information.  You can just hit the "Complete Order" button on the second page.


Once your order is processed, you'll see a box that reads "Preparing your Downloads".  You can wait a few moments for this to complete, or you can check your email for a message called "Your downloads are ready".  Either way is fine, and you should keep the email in your inbox in case you ever need to download the files again.  

Clicking the "Download Now" link will download the files in a .zip archive.  Clicking this file will open it 



After you have opened the songs on your computer, they should appear in iTunes. If you cannot find them, try looking in your ‘recently added’ folder.

Before you load up the music, you will need to fix two things. First, change your iPod shuffle from Shuffle Mode to Play in Order. This is easily done by sliding the on/off switch from all the way left to a halfway point.

After you have done this the next step is to make sure that your iTunes is set up to play the audio tracks. This option is necessary especially if you are mixing the workout within your own music playlist. You need to change the settings in iTunes.  RIGHT CLICK each audio track and select ‘Get Info.’

A new window will pop open in iTunes.  Click on the OPTIONS tab and DESELECT the box that says ‘skip when shuffling.’

You are finished! You should now be able to use your Swim Work Out with Rebecca Soni the next time you jump into the pool.  If you have any further questions you can always call our customer service representatives at 877-849-0750 or email them at