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Delphin Help

General Help

How to Wear your Delphin

  1. Put headphone earbuds securely in ears, worn to their specific wearing instructions.
  2. Select desired downloaded audio files on the Delphin and play.
  3. Set the Delphin to airplane mode to conserve battery.
  4. Turn the Delphin screen off.
  5. Clip your Delphin firmly to the back of your goggles, with headphone wires underneath goggle straps.
  6. Plugin your headphones into the Delphin headphone port and enjoy.



Delphin Setup Help

Delphin WiFi/Bluetooth Help

  • When setting up your Delphin, it will only allow for WiFi that has a password of 9 characters or more.
  • If your Delphin won't connect to your home WiFi, try connecting it to a data hotspot, such as on your phone. This typically has a stronger signal.
  • WiFi will not function when the Delphin is submerged. Audio files, playlists, and offline radio stations must be downloaded to player (e.g. with Spotify Premium® account) prior to swimming.
  • WiFi will not work without the correct timezone. You can reset the timezone in settings.
  • Pair waterproof Bluetooth headphones with the Delphin before entering water.
  • Delphin must remain within two inches of headphones (e.g. clipped to goggles) for Bluetooth to function while submerged.
  • Make sure that your Bluetooth device is discoverable. In the Delphin, go to Settings>Connect>Bluetooth and look for your device under Available Devices.
    Touch the name of your device to begin pairing. Agree to any pairing requests that appear on your device or on the Delphin. When paired successfully, your device will be listed under Paired Devices.

Delphin Won't Turn On

  • Ensure that the Delphin is fully charged. (Do not charge when wet.)
  • Connect to computer and check for response.
  • Hold the power button for at least eight seconds in order for the Delphin to turn on. The screen may take up to a minute or longer to reveal the home screen; the boot-up time is similar to turning on a smartphone.

Delphin Not Recognized

  • Are you using your Delphin cable? You must use an official Delphin cable in order to transfer data from a computer to your Delphin.
  • Make sure that the USB port you use is a high-power port, and not a secondary USB port that may be included on a keyboard or other accessory.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Restart the Delphin.
  • Reconnect the cable.
  • Check USB cable for damage.
  • Try testing the power supply plug with another device.

Apps Not Working

  • Make sure that the Amazon Appstore app store is installed. You won't be able to install other apps with out the Amazon Appstore.
  • Some issues can be resolved by clearing the app cache. You can do this by going to Settings>Storage>Apps>[Choose app]> Scroll down> Clear cache.
  • If clearing cache doesn’t work, you can try to uninstall and reinstall app.
  • Subscription apps will require a WiFi connection monthly to check subscriptions status.

Loading Audio Files to your Delphin

  • PC Users: Transfer files using Windows Explorer (or its equivalent). Turn on the Delphin and connect it to your computer with the charge/sync cable. Swipe down from the top of the Delphin’s screen to access the status bar, then touch the white box that says USB Charge Only. Select Media Device (MTP) from the list that appears. On your computer, open a browser window. Look in the left sidebar under Desktop>This PC for the Delphin. Double-click the Delphin to open it in the right side of the window, then drag and drop music files into the Delphin window. You may need the Delphin to restart to recognize all your music files.
  • Mac® Users: Download the Android File Transfer application. Follow the installation instructions. Use the Android File Transfer application to access the Delphin on your computer, then drag audio files from Finder® or iTunes and drop them into the Delphin window provided by Android File Transfer. You may need the Delphin to restart to recognize all your music files.
  • If you are experiencing issues with loaded music you can:
    • Restart your Delphin
    • Try playing files with the Pi music player app
    • Try a different music app

Sound Issues

  • Turn up volume.
  • Gently clean out any debris from the headphone jack.
  • Check that files are loaded onto the player.
  • Make sure your files are accepted types for the Delphin. Only accepted file types will play.
  • Try a different pair of headphones.

Using your Delphin

  • The Delphin is designed to be set up at home and is not intended to be connected to WiFi or out of range Bluetooth while in the water. If you are using streaming services, make sure your music/audio is downloaded for offline listening.
    • When setting up your Delphin, it will only allow for WiFi that has a password of 9 characters or more.
    • If your Delphin won't connect to your home WiFi, try connecting it to a data hotspot, such as on your phone. This typically has a stronger signal.
  • Set the Delphin to airplane mode while swimming with the screen off for best battery usage.
  • You can use the Delphin screen to select and navigate around your device.
    • Press & Hold: From the home screen, press & hold an app icon to select the desired app shortcut.
    • Swipe Up: From the home screen, swipe up from the white arrow on the bottom to reveal all the installed apps
    • Swipe Down: From any screen, Swipe down from the top of the screen for a Status Bar with the time, date, battery level, Bluetooth and WiFi connection status. Swipe down a second time to see your notifications. Swipe down a third time to see quick settings.
    • Double Swipe Down:From any screen, swipe down from the top of the screen twice to activate the on-screen volume control bar
  • While the Delphin screen is off you can control your music and more with the external buttons.
    • Turn On: Press and hold power button. Screen will activate; wait for Home Screen to load.
    • Turn Off: Press and hold for ~5 seconds. Logo graphic will appear. Device is fully powered down when screen goes black.
    • Screen On/Off: Briefly press power button. Screen will turn off by itself if not used, but Delphin will still be powered on.
    • Back/Home: Press the back button to step backward. Hold down the back button to go directly to the Home screen.
    • Next: Press button once to move to the next audio track.
    • Play/Pause: Press button once to play then press again to pause any audio track.
    • Previous: Press button once to move to the previous track.


Caring for your Delphin

  • After each swim, unplug the headphones and rinse the Delphin and its headphone jack under some fresh water. This will help get any chlorine or salt off.
  • Only charge the Delphin as needed.
  • Do not charge when wet. (This is the most common cause of battery related issues.)

App Guides

Click on an app below for in-depth instructions on setup and use on your Delphin.





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