What does the waterproof iPod look like?

Underwater Audio music players come waterproofed from the inside out. They look, feel, and smell like any other 2GB iPod Shuffle  but they work underwater.

Does Underwater Audio have a warranty?

Underwater Audio guarantees products against manufacturer’s defects for 2 years. If your waterproof iPod does break, please contact us so that we can exchange your waterproof iPod for a new one.

Does Underwater Audio have a return policy?

If you need to return your product, you can send it back unopened for a full refund. If you have used your waterproof iPod, it is covered by the Underwater Audio warranty against manufacturer’s defects. You cannot return a used, operational waterproof iPod.

When should I expect to receive my waterproof iPod?

Underwater Audio ships free with USPS First Class Mail. You should expect to receive your waterproof iPod in 5-10 business days. With USPS Priority Mail shipping for $5 we guarantee delivery in 3-4 business days. With USPS Express Mail shipping for $30, you can expect to receive your order in 2 business days.

Is this iPod shuffle waterproof? Are you sure it’s not just water resistant?

It’s really waterproof. Dunk it in water. Leave it there. It still works. We have tested the Underwater Audio waterproof iPod at a depth of 200 feet (not for diving). It’s not a case and it’s not shrink-wrapped. Using a proprietary process, Underwater Audio seals the iPod from the inside out.

I already have a music player. Does this waterproof iPod work better than a waterproof case?

Yes. Waterproof cases have weaknesses. Cases develop leaky seals. Cases have hinges that fail. Cases rely on you to properly close them each and every time. Every time a waterproof case fails, it breaks your music player! Underwater Audio is waterproof all the time. 

Does the waterproof music player from Underwater Audio come with headphones?

Yes! To listen underwater, you will need a pair of waterproof headphones. We’ve picked out several of our favorite options and offer them on our website. For additional savings, check out our waterproof iPod and headphone bundles.

Will the Underwater Audio iPod shuffle work with regular headphones?

Out of the water, yes. Under the water, no. You’ll need waterproof headphones to create a watertight seal with your ear to have good audio. We’ve picked out several of our favorite options and offer them on our website. You will receive the original Apple iPod headphones in your order—perfect for when you are using your waterproof iPod out of the water.

My iPod shuts down after playing for 10 seconds.

You may have debris between your headphones and the iPod connection. The iPod will automatically turn off if it doesn’t have a full connection. Look carefully in the headphone hole and gently remove any material with a toothpick. Cleaning out the jack should resolve the issue. Charge your iPod until the light turns green and try it again.

Where can I find an instruction book?

Where can I download books?

One good service is Audible.com, which is connected to Amazon. iTunes also sells audiobooks. Sometimes there are free samples on these sites. You may also be able to get books on CD from your local library. Please note that the iPod and iTunes won’t allow you to use licensed content without a certificate. If the book is protected you may not have rights to copy and listen to it.

Email us anytime at help@underwateraudio.com with any questions.