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UA Music Manager: Simplify & Enhance Your Music Experience

July 25, 2019 0 Comments


We've made your music experience even easier! Uploading music by converting files and uploading them onto your device can be a difficult and exhausting process. To provide a smooth and efficient experience for you, we’ve designed a specialized application to simplify the process of loading and organizing your music. The Underwater Audio Music Manager is a desktop tool which enables users to select music from their computer library and effortlessly load it onto their waterproof device. 

(DISCLAIMER: The Underwater Audio Music Manager is only compatible with The SYRYN, Swimbuds MP3, and the UKU. Mac computers are incompatible with the program so far but will be compatible in the future.)

How it Works

To Download the App

    1. Open or click the direct link here to skip steps two and three.
      2. In the top right corner, you'll see the search button (the magnifying glass icon). Click it and a search bar will appear.
        3. Click on the search bar and type "music manager". The first link to appear below the search bar will lead you to the music manager page, click on it.
          4. Read through the instructions written on the page and watch the tutorial video provided by clicking on it.
            5. Hopefully, the video gave you an idea of what the process should look like in overview. Once finished with it, click on the link that says "Download Underwater Audio Music Manager".
              6. A box that says "Updates" will appear at the bottom of your screen and it will take a few seconds to download the application. Once downloaded successfully, click on it.
                7. A box will pop up, asking whether you'd like to run the application or not. Click yes.
                  8. After the application installs, it will open and the music you have saved on your computer will automatically show itself in the "All Music" library, organized by artist name. 

                    To Create a Playlist 

                      1. After downloading Underwater Audio Music Manager, the UA icon should appear on your desktop. Double Click on it and the application will open in a matter of seconds.
                        2. The app opens to the "All Music - Artists" page. Here, you can locate all the music available on your computer as long as it's in your music folder.
                          3. Sort through your music library & select a song you'd like to add to a playlist.
                            4. To the far left of the song title is a play button (triangle) and an add button (plus sign).
                              5. You can give the song a listen before adding it by clicking the play button or add it straight to your playlist by clicking the add button.
                                6. Once you've clicked the add button, a box will appear that reads "New Playlist", click on it.
                                  7. Once you've clicked on "New Playlist", you'll be given the option to enter a title for your first playlist. Name it whatever you'd like!
                                    8. After titling your playlist, click the "Create Playlist" button and from then on, you can add songs in the same fashion: clicking the add button and then on the playlist of your choice.
                                      9. You can arrange the songs in your playlist by clicking, dragging, and dropping them into the order that you'd like them to play. The songs will play from top to bottom. 

                                        To Load Music onto Your Device

                                          1. Make sure that your Underwater Audio device is plugged into your computer.
                                            2. Click on the tab at the top of the page that reads the name of whatever device you're uploading music to.
                                              3. Choose the playlist you'd like to upload on the drop-down menu.
                                                4. Adding a new playlist to your device will replace all existing files on it, so make sure you're pleased with the songs you've selected before adding them.
                                                  5. Allow the songs to finish uploading to your device before unplugging it from your computer to use.

                                                    In Short

                                                    Utilizing the Music Manager will undoubtedly ease and improve the process of loading your MP3 player, SYRYN, or whichever device you're using, which will allow you to build the perfect playlist for your swim.

                                                    Payton Appah
                                                    Payton Appah

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