New Release: Swimbuds Freedom Waterproof & Wireless Headphones

New Release: Swimbuds Freedom Waterproof & Wireless Headphones

One of the questions we get asked a lot: When is Underwater Audio releasing a pair of Bluetooth headphones?


We're excited to announce that the wait is over! Underwater Audio released a pair of wireless headphones, called the Swimbuds Freedom and they are definitely worth checking out. With Christmas just a few short sleeps away, the Swimbuds Freedom is a top choice to gift your loved ones or yourself. We have curated three different bundles for our customers - one for swimmers, one for swimmers who own an Apple Watch and one for runners

Swimbuds Freedom 101

Like most of our waterproof headphones, the Swimbuds Freedom has a rating of IPX8, meaning they are 100% waterproof and impermeable up to 10 feet (3 meters). These waterproof headphones connect to any device that has Bluetooth technology, like the Delphin or your phone. Of course, if you’d like to go swimming with the Swimbuds Freedom, please make sure that your Bluetooth-capable device is also 100% waterproof. 

The Swimbuds Freedom headphones are sleek, comfortable to wear and easy to use. There are buttons next to the right ear that allows you to control the volume, skip or replay a song and even answer a phone call. Because everyone has different ear shapes, we include 7 different pairs of earbud tips to make sure you find one that works best for you. They come with 1 set of round earbuds for listening above water and two different sets of earbuds for underwater listening. On a full charge, these headphones will last up to 6 hours! 

Swimmer’s Bundle:

Because water absorbs Bluetooth frequency very well, the idea of swimming with a pair of wireless headphones may scare some people. However, we discovered that when a device like the Delphin waterproof media player sits very close to the wireless receiver of the Swimbuds Freedom, the Bluetooth connection remains constant, even when doing flip turns and wall push-offs. With this said, you can buy the Delphin waterproof streaming media player with a pair of Swimbuds Freedom and in this bundle, we include a swim cap to make sure your headphones stay in place while you swim.


Swimbuds Freedom & Apple Watch

If you own an Apple Watch (generation 2 or newer), you can purchase the Swimbuds Kit for Apple Watch and include the Swimbuds Freedom in your order. Included in this bundle is a Clipi, which mounts to the Apple Watch via a slide in/slide out locking mechanism. Attaching the Clipi to the back of your goggles allows the Apple Watch to sit very close to the wireless receiver of the Swimbuds Freedom. The proximity secures the Bluetooth connection. The Clipi is available in 38mm and 42mm sizes and is compatible with the Apple Watch models 2 and 3. The Clipi 38mm works with the Apple Watch 4 (40mm); however, there is no Clipi model that fits the Apple Watch 4 (44mm) at this time. We have also included a swim cap in this bundle to make sure that the Swimbuds Freedom stays secure while you swim.


Runner’s Bundle

Many of our customers want a pair of wireless headphones to take on runs or hikes, and we had this in mind when we created the Runner’s Bundle. 100% waterproof, the Swimbuds Freedom headphones can withstand the sweatiest workouts and even a run in heavy rain. Included in this bundle, the Gripi armband - designed for those who want to use their own phones with the Swimbuds Freedom. The Gripi has rubber ends on the armband, so it will stretch and fit most phone sizes. No need to hold your phone while you run or get distracted by long cords (let’s be real, some phones don’t even have a headphone jack), this bundle solves all the headaches many runners face.


A question we’ll probably get asked at least once: Will these headphones connect wirelessly when a phone is at the edge of the pool?

The short answer is that they won’t. Unfortunately, unless you have a huge antenna sticking out of the water, the Swimbuds Freedom will lose connection with your phone. Bluetooth signals don’t transmit the same way underwater as they do when you’re out of the water. But you can purchase a Delphin or any waterproof media players that have Bluetooth capabilities. Attach the player on the back of your goggles (close to the wireless receiver) and you’re all set. So, whether you are swimming laps or doing flip turns, you can rest assured that your music or whatever you are listening to won’t be cutting in and out.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a pair of completely waterproof headphones that have Bluetooth capabilities - the Swimbuds Freedom is the one to get! They are relatively priced, starting at $70 for the Running Bundle. They are simple to use and can withstand the toughest (and sweatiest) workout. 




Do you have any questions about the Swimbuds Freedom waterproof headphones? Feel free to leave a comment down below!

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