How Listening To Music While Swimming Helped Me Lose 10 Pounds

How Listening To Music While Swimming Helped Me Lose 10 Pounds

Listening to music while exercising is a very powerful tool to have. It has been proven time and time again to be a critical part of not only finishing your workout to the best of your ability but it helps you reach your goals and pushes you to the limit in the best possible way.

We have all been at that point when 90% of the workout is finished but it seems physically impossible to make it to the end.

Sometimes you just need that little extra push and motivation to finish. That’s where music comes in. While trying to lose a few vanity pounds, the waterproof iPod shuffle has really helped me!

Swimming: The Ultimate Cardio Workout

Weight Loss 4

For me, swimming is the best workout I can do because it works every muscle and fiber in your body. That being said, it is also one of the most intense and exhausting workouts.

When I am swimming laps, I always use my waterproof iPod filled with my favorite motivating songs to help get me through the tough part when I’m almost done but feel exhausted and don’t think I can complete my workout.

On the rare days that I forget my waterproof iPod, it has been much easier for me to just give up that day because I don’t have that extra motivation keeping me going. I’ve noticed that the days I am working out in the pool and don’t have music, it takes me longer to complete and it stalls my progress because I’m not pushing myself.


Over the past few months I’ve lost 10 pounds swimming laps. But I noticed quicker results on the days I have music with me in the pool. Not only weight wise, but my energy is higher, my endurance lasts much longer and I often beat my previous record.
But when I don’t have my waterproof iPod, the results are not as pleasing as I’d like. Music not only generates positive emotions but it can also help to motivate you. Music can bring out the best in all of us, it makes you feel good and encourages us to move.
Listening to music while doing any type of workout will have the same motivating effects whether you are swimming, running, or weight lifting, just to name a few. Not only can music motivate us, but it can also distract us from what we might otherwise consider to be unpleasant. You might just forget that your calves are burning if you are listening to or singing along with your favorite song!

Weight Loss

My goal was to swim laps 3 times a day and lose 10 pounds in the process. I am happy and proud to say I’ve reached that goal!
But I honestly do not think I could have reached my goal weight so quickly if it weren’t for having my waterproof iPod pumping out my favorite songs motivating every second of my work out!
I could have still reached my goal, but it would have taken me much longer and I would have given up easier because I would not have had music to motivate me!

My Biggest Tip

Speaking from personal experience, purchasing the Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle is the best investment you can make in your workout program!
I encourage you to buy one, especially if you’re an avid swimmer like myself, and try it in the pool. You’ll be amazed at the difference music makes in your workout!

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the section below.
Have you had an experience like this? How has music motivated you?

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