Did You Know: Pause Lock

Did you know the iPod Shuffle has a feature called pause lock?


The play/pause button is located on the face of the iPod in the very center.

Pause lock is when you can lock the iPod while it’s playing music to keep from any buttons being accidentally pressed.  To do this simply hold down the play/pause button for three seconds.  You will hear a click and then a light at the top will flash indicating the iPod is now in pause lock.  To unlock your iPod hold down the play/pause button again for three seconds and the iPod Shuffle will flash another light at the top along with a single click sound.  Now all the buttons on the iPod will work and you will be able to change music tracks or adjust the volume again.
A common problem is when the music is paused and the iPod accidentally gets put into pause lock.  This may make it seem like the iPod is broken or not responding to anything.  A simple way of testing the iPod to make sure it’s not in pause lock is pressing any of the buttons and watching to see what color light the iPod has at the top.  If the light is amber when you press a button you know it is in pause lock.  If it is green that means it is in regular play mode.

Watch our video below to see the pause lock feature in action!

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Written by Samantha Bonine

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