Did You Know: Fast Forward and Rewind

Did you know that the iPod shuffle can do more than just skip songs and go back to previous ones? 


The waterproof shuffle can actually fast-forward songs too, letting you skip straight to the chorus or your favorite part in a song.  Pretty awesome huh?  But wait…there’s more.  This particular iPod lets you also rewind songs so you can listen to that perfect hook or stanza as many times as you want!

To fast-ward a song while it’s playing, simply press and hold the Next button located on the right of the circle dial to the right of the Play/Pause button.  Once you press and hold the Next button you will hear the song start to skip.  Listen to the song and when it comes to a part that you want to hear, release the Next button.  The song will begin to play automatically at the part where you skipped to!
To rewind a song while it’s playing, press and hold the Back button on the left of the circle dial, to the left of the Play/Pause button.  Like the fast-forward feature, you will now hear the song start to skip only it will be backwards this time.  Release the Back button when the song comes to the part you wish to hear.  The song will begin playing and you will have saved time by rewinding or fast-forwarding the song rather than listening to it from the beginning.
The waterproof iPod shuffle has so many great music features packed into a grab and clip music player, it’s the perfect companion to anyone who wants versatility and durability while listening to music.  Don’t have one yet?  Get it here at Underwater Audio!  We know you’ll be glad you did.
Written by Samantha Bonine

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