NOW AVAILABLE: Swim Workout Audio Tracks with Rebecca Soni

Underwater Audio is constantly looking for opportunities to help you take your swim experience to the next level.
First, we introduced our 100% waterproof iPod shuffle. Then, we were the first to design a shorter cord for our headphones to help keep the excess cables out of your way.
Once again, Underwater Audio is unrolling something that will enhance your swim experience.




We went and met with Rebecca Soni. OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL SWIMMER REBECCA SONI. I will let that sink in.
Rebecca really cares about helping us all to improve our swimming and fitness. So, she decided to work with Underwater Audio in developing a playlist full of swimming tips for you to download. We’re giving you a full 30 minute work-out to swim to, as well as some shorter “quick tips” tracks. These “quick tips” can be dispersed among your own music playlist so that you can periodically have someone coach you on your technique while you are swimming.
Be honest, most of us do not swim competitively and even fewer of us have coaches to help us out.
Swimming is largely a ‘learn as you go’ exercise. Underwater Audio has written a number of handy blog posts to help you with some great techniques, but now you can supplement them with advice straight from one of the greatest swimmers in the world!


4I bet you’re wondering just what kind of advice we’re talking about. Just what can these audio tracks do for you?
One area that the audio tracks will focus on is your breathing. Believe it or not, most of us are not breathing properly when we swim. Improving your breathing technique while you swim will bring you plenty of benefits.
Not only will it help improve your stamina, but proper breathing techniques lead to better blood flow while you swim and help you relax. While both of these things are not going to shave off seconds, it will make your overall swimming experience better.


2But what if you want something that can really help you bring those times down?
Well, there are audio tracks that help with that too! Rebecca Soni will walk you through some helpful methods to maximize your effort and improve your time.
Imagine being in the middle of a set and having her come on and remind you of how best to use your hands or where your arms should be. All of the sudden you will find that each stroke is more powerful and can send you further.
Proper technique can not only improve your time, but also help you enjoy the swim more.


3Rebecca Soni will also guide you through stretching exercises and what to do before even diving into the pool. From straining your neck to hurting your shoulder, improper stretching can slow you down or even physically harm you.
These tips are just what you need to avoid any potential injuries.


Go ahead and check out our website for the new audio tracks we offer. Fill up your playlist and dive into the water!
Whether you are doing the backstroke, breaststroke or freestyle, these tracks will help you. We have tips for technique, breathing and stretching. We assure you that you will not only get faster, but you will also enjoy your swim more and be able to work out for longer.

How to get FREE Swim Workout Audio Tracks with Rebecca Soni

After you purchase a product from our website, you’ll receive a confirmation email. There you will also find the downloadable audio for free! Click on the links and the audio will download to your computer.

  1. Order iPod Waterproof Swimbuds Sport Mega bundle. The coupon code will arrive in the mail packaging with your order.
  2. Go online to the Swim Work Out with Rebecca Soni product page.
  3. Add the product to your cart.
  4. Apply the coupon code to receive the free discount.
  5. Upon finishing the checkout process, you’ll be given the opportunity to download these tracks.

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