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Immerse Episode 4: Patrick Fellows

Immerse Episode 4: Patrick Fellows

For this one, we got a hold of Pat Fellows! He’s been behind the Louisiana Marathon, the Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon, and several Baton Rouge restaurants. He has also run ultramarathons, competed in the Ironman, and swam 32 miles in the Gulf of Mexico in 2007.

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Immerse is a talk podcast, in which we interview some of the athletes we know that are doing cool things in their fields, in their pools, and in their communities. This is going to be the last episode of Immerse that we do for a while, since we have multiple projects coming up that we want to focus our attention on, but we’re still going to be making plenty of content on our blog and on YouTube, as well as on our social networks, so make sure to stay tuned to those sites for more!


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