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iPod Troubleshooting

Click on the links below if you have questions about the following topics

General Information (warranty information, battery temperature, how to locate a serial number, how to enable voice over, books and podcasts, Audible.com, helpful links)

Button Issues (unresponsive buttons, stiff buttons)

Battery Issues (troubleshooting, assess charging habits, use computer to diagnose/attempt a fix, battery life tips)

Power Switch (troubleshooting, repair steps)

iPod Not Recognized (assess charging habits, use computer to diagnose, video tutorial)

Restore iPod (how to reset iPod to factory settings)

Downloading Rebecca Soni Audio Tracks (ordering, downloading, playing audio tracks)

Using iTunes (general info, how to update and install iTunes)


Headphones Troubleshooting

General Fixes (no sound, muffled sound, earbuds stuck, headphone care instructions, tips on use and fit)

Hydroactive Fixes (troubleshooting steps, fit tips, instructional video, headphone care instructions)





Swimbuds Sport Fixes (fit tips, instructional video, no sound, muffled sound, our guarantee, headphone care instructions)


Swimbuds Sport Waterproof Headphones





Compare Waterproof Headphones (comparison chart between all of Underwater Audio’s headphones)