Delphin Guide: General Functions | Underwater Audio

Delphin Guide: General Functions

Delphin Guide: General Functions

The Delphin is an innovative waterproof Android device. This is a general guide describing the basic functions of the Delphin. If you have any further questions about the Delphin or Underwater Audio, please contact our customer service team at 877-849-0750 or email us at

Getting Started

To turn on the Delphin, locate the power button on the side of the device. Press and hold this button for a few seconds until you see the Underwater Audio logo appear on the screen. The logo will remain on the screen for about a minute until the Delphin brings you to the home screen.

Navigating the Delphin

Top Buttons

Left Pointing Arrows (Rewind): this will jump to the previous track. If the button is held down it will go into volume mode where you can lower the volume.

Play/Pause: this button will play or pause the audio

Right Pointing Arrows (Fast Forward): this will jump to the previous track. If the button is held down it will go into volume mode where you can then single click to raise the volume.

Side Buttons

Power: Press and hold to power the Delphin on and off. This also functions as a screen lock to turn the screen display on and off.

Back: Press this to go back to the previous screen.

The headphone/charging cord jack is also located on the side of the Delphin.

Touch Screen

The Delphin has a touch screen. To navigate the Delphin, swipe your finger to one side to switch screens and reveal the other apps. To click on something, simply press the screen with your finger. Swipe down on the screen to see any notifications on your device.

If you swipe down on the screen once, you should see a blue bar on the top of the screen with the time, battery level, and connections to Bluetooth and WiFi. If you swipe down a second time, the notifications screen will appear. If you click on the person icon in the top right, you can change Bluetooth and Wifi settings as well as portrait/auto-rotate settings for the Delphin screen.


Basic Apps

The apps in this photo do not come pre-loaded on the Delphin and will need to be downloaded.


The Delphin can hold a variety of apps on the device. It comes pre-loaded with some you may need, but if you would like to install additional apps, you’ll need to do that seperately. To see a more detailed account of what it’s like to use various popular apps on the Delphin, click here to visit our Delphin Apps blog.

Browser: This is an internet server you can use to get anywhere on the web

File Manager: Here you can see everything that is being stored on the Delphin. It will tell how much space is available on the device.

Downloads: You can see all the files you have downloaded on the device

Music: Music stored directly on your Delphin is kept here. This does not include music streamed or downloaded from Spotify, Pandora, etc… This media will be in the app itself.

Settings: Here you can manage sound, display, WiFi and Bluetooth connection, battery, uninstalling apps, privacy, language, factory reset and you can view info about the device.

Deleting an app: To delete an app, press and hold the app icon until a “remove” prompt shows up on the top of the screen. Once you press this, the app will no longer be on your device.

Charging the delphin

The Delphin will need to be charged after about 4 hours of usage (depending on the level it’s being used). To charge the device, connect the power cord into the headphone jack and connect this to either a wall outlet or your computer.


I hope this Delphin guide helps you to get started with your device! Again, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact our customer service team at 877-849-0750 or 



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