6 Deep Sea Secrets: Mind-Blowing Facts About the Ocean

6 Deep Sea Secrets: Mind-Blowing Facts About the Ocean

It’s BIG. For all intents and purposes, it’s blue. Smells salty. Tastes …salty.

Waves.   Shells.   Sandcastles.  Coral Reefs.



That stuff is just what we see on the surface, though. The depths of the ocean are a huge mystery to most of us. There is a whole seemingly other world living in the ocean that we don’t see unless you’re into scuba diving.

We’ve got some pretty mind blowing facts for you. And though we’re no oceanographers, we’re here to give you facts about the great blue that I’d wager you’ve never heard before.

1. Future SPF

coral ocean

So, I was swimming in Australia and a fish warned me that I was getting a massive sunburn.

I borrowed some of the sunscreen that his buddy, the Great Barrier Reef, made from scratch…

…Sounds made-up, ridiculous and crazy… But only part of it was a lie!

Corals produce a natural sunscreen!

On the Great Barrier Reef, scientists have discovered the production of natural sunscreen. It protects the coral against UVA/UVB rays. As you can imagine, chemists are trying to get their hands on this.

They are attempting to extract it for human use. Other sources claim to just mimic the process. I’m not sure how ethical the production will be… But it’s definitely organic! And aquatic.


2. Bling-Bling

treasure chest

The ocean is rich.

Scratch that- the ocean is utterly loaded

If the ocean was a person he/she would be richer than Steve Jobs and Donald Trump combined.

By a TON! …. Literally.

There is nearly 20 million tons of gold floating around in all that salt water. And nuzzled into that sandy floor. One ton of gold is worth $38,602,524. That means that 20 million tons is worth $772,050,480,000,000. Which rounds up to 800 trillion dollars. Almost a QUADRILLION DOLLARS.

That’s more than 50 times the amount of money that China has. To put it into perspective. And that’s just gold. Think of all the other magnificent treasures. That said, I’m considering a career change. Maybe I should be sailing the seas, pirating all this loose change.

If not for me, for the U.S. government. Think of the percentage I’d be taxed at. It’s the most fiscally responsible choice for us all.


3. Intraterrestrial Aliens


Image via Wikinut.com


We know more about planets that are 35 million miles away that we do about our own ocean!

When it comes to Mars, we know quite a lot  of information. We know how far away it is, its general shape and size are totally mapped out. Even the elemental composition isn’t any mystery.

But when it comes to the ocean, we have explored less than 5%. That’s nothing! SO… who are the real aliens here? Martians? Or this guy (to the right).


4. Ferocious Sea Beasts

Folklore and mythology have dwelled on the topic for seemingly a zillion years. Let’s see, there’s…

Loch Ness Monster (6th century/Scottish Gaelic folklore)
-Kraken (Norwegian folklore)
-Hydra, Charybdis, Sirens (Greek Mythology/Homer)

Even Capricorn in the Zodiac is supposed to be some sort of water-goat. I don’t mean to be a cynic, but I don’t buy into that stuff. The real sea creatures are scary enough to give me nightmares for the rest of my life:

Mantis Shrimp


Photograph by Glen Weierbach, via Nationalgeographic.com

The mantis shrimp is the most horrifyingly beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Do not be mislead by it’s majestically colored exterior displaying the entire rainbow spectrum in a glorious fashion. This little dude is a beast.


The strike of one mantis shrimp forelimb reaches velocities that produce a force equivalent to a 22 caliber bullet.

The speed and force is so rapid that the water around it boils. The bubbles produced then pop and create shock waves. Light is even emitted. Basically, if you are the object of it’s prey, you’re a gonner. I hope you have life insurance, Mr. Octopus.

The Mantis Shrimp also has super vision. We can see 3 color receptive cones. Sources vary on how many the Mantis shrimp has. But it’s somewhere between 12 and 16. So, I’m guessing the chances of hiding from the Mantis Shrimp aren’t all that great either.

For more frightening imagery… And the promise of nightmares… See the following:

Dragon Fish

Angler Fish

Viper Fish

viper fish

Photograph by David Wrobel via Nationalgeographic.com


 5.  Are You Afraid of the Dark?

under water ocean

Tata Aka T photo via Flickr

Photons (the name we give to little particles of light) can only permeate water down to 330 feet.

However, the ocean is MUCH deeper than this. On average it is more than 12,400 feet.

That means most of the ocean is completely void of light. It’s totally creepy & dark down there. Kind of like outer space. Except with water.

Actually, if you think about it, most of the WORLD (since the ocean takes up 70% of the planet) is in desperate need of a nightlight! I hope Nemo, Ariel and all their friends aren’t afraid of the dark!



Mt everest

The deepest part of the ocean is unthinkably low.  If you flipped Mount Everest upside down, it would be shorter than the deepest point in the ocean. 

“Mount Everest (the highest point on the Earth’s surface 5.49 miles) is more than 1 mile shorter than the Challenger Deep (the deepest point in the ocean at 6.86 miles).”

It’s crazy to think of how quickly conditions of pressure and atmosphere can change.

I can run 5 or 6 miles at sea level. But I’m definitely not tough enough to climb Mount Everest. And if I attempted to go to the bottom of the Challenger Deep, I’d be crushed by the pressure…

…Probably not too far below the surface of the water.



Did these factoids totally amaze you or what? I’m actually serious about becoming a pirate now. Who is with me?

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